Abinee - Brazilian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association


As a dynamic association totally devoted to its members, ABINEE has available for many different areas a wide range of services and information.

ABINEE's strategies for the global market contemplates a broad range of actions aimed at the legislative process and the public and private sectors. In short, the objective is to simply help members have access to the new global markets, while in fact, it goes much beyond. It involves helping domestic companies, through training programs, to become more competitive internationally, and to facilitate the association of local and international companies into new ventures and for the creation of new enterprises.

To provide products and services of the highest quality, it relies on its permanent staff of engineers, economists, lawyers, business administrators, and foreign trade specialists.

Abinee - Brazilian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association

Head Office: Avenida Paulista, 1439 - 6º andar - 01311-926 - São Paulo - SP
Phone: 55 11 2175-0000 - Fax: 55 11 2175-0090